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Every building is like a person. Dream of the ideal person is not just the looks but the personality which reflects the long term promise of perceived attributes. Same is with buildings which have to be designed inside out with attributes and function that will stand the test of time…..and we promise to deliver your dreams.

Architectural facade consultancy
  • Architectural elevation design
  • façade detailed design engineering
  • tender preparation

Facade project management
  • PMC from concept stage to complete implementation of Façade project with quality management and control
  • cost optimization
  • value engineering and time schedule planning

Facade retrofits And Dynamic
  • Interfacing old buildings or commercial premises fronts with new ideas of façade
  • In the aim to uplift the business sales and restore for longer life of structure-use
  • Of solar in retrofit facades-green facades-shop front retrofits
  • Boutique façade
  • dynamic façade
  • Kinetic facades
Architectural facade services
  • Townships
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial projects
  • Hospitals
  • Bungalows-Projects

About Us

Habitat n skins is a design studio in Mumbai conceptualized by two people from different backgrounds bringing to projects undertaken the two sides of the business…quality in design and efficiency in resource management. The key USP of this company is the varied experience in the field Architecture and Façade design making them one of the oldest in India to have been involved with modern Façade architecture.

Harish Gupta

Qualified as an Architect, Civil Engineer and Business Management has a holistic view of the design and implementation side of the project. He has been in the industry for more than two and half decades designing and implementing many construction and facade projects. He has worked with consultants, builders and facade fabricators. He started his own consultancy practice for Architecture, Facade design and project management in 2000.He has designed many landmark buildings projects in his long career in Mumbai and other parts of the country.

He brings with him the knowledge of efficient interface at every level due to his experience of having worked in the shoes of various stakeholders. He has expertise in high rise buildings design and implementation, detailed engineering and designing low maintenance buildings and facades. He has trained many persons under him in the long career to become performers and self dependent. With nearly 25 years of experience in architecture and façade design Ar. Harish Gupta brings in the much needed quality and lifelong endurance to building and skin design.

Beena Pereira

Is an M.com and MBA in finance and touches upon the business side of the project and the though process that clients would have for their project. Her inputs at various stage reflect and synergize with our client thoughts on financial feasibility and project viability.

Mission and Vision

We Endeavour to create architecture , facade designs and processes which will be environment friendly and self sustainable ....timeless architecture.

Habitat n skins stands for integrity in its relentless pursuit of excellence in the built environment where the clients needs and environmental concerns are in symphony.

Together we hope to be a leading voice in the future world where  progress means not destruction but means preservation of natural environment with coexistence.

Recent Works

  • Goa Sea side Bungalow architectural project
  • Architectural and facade design Projects


  • .....

    Mr..... ― ...

  • Following a disappointing experience with another architect, we met on-site with Harish Gupta to discuss the issues and lay out our requirements for the design of our beachside house. We were immediately impressed with the range of ideas he suggested and two weeks later were completely stunned by the 3D sketches of a totally transformed house that was totally wow !

    William D'Costa ― (Goa Bungalow Owner)