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Social Outreach

Habitat n skins has its social outreach programs under the umbrella of Life Ananta Trust... an NGO founded by Harish Gupta and Beena Pereira.
The Environment concerns and Sustainable development have been main focus of activities so far.... See their activities undertaken through street plays, performances and other programs.


Often in life we find endless images of the same thing..... We are just a point of reference in a journey of time which has no beginning nor end. There is nothing finite.
Our role in this universe is not to find destiny but to protect this infinity... Lifeananta is a journey into infinity...we are only a point of reference in God's endless creations which is so wonderful and mysterious that a million lifetimes are not sufficient to understand it.
We wish to nor judge nor change and the sole purpose of our trust is to restore what man changed to what God created..for there lies continuity towards infinity...
LifeAnanta's maiden venture towards building awareness of Environmental issues through street plays at various Railway stations and public places.

Street plays done at :
  • Vashi Railway station
  • Nerul Railway station
  • Seawoods Railway station
  • Sainath Junior College, Vashi
  • Vashi sector 9 market place
  • Vashi sector 14 market place
  • Jewel of Navi Mumbai, Nerul
  • Wonders Park, Seawoods

Social outreach programs

Sponsored by:
Street plays by:
Students and ex students of Sainath Junior College, Vashi
Shweta, Muslima, Harsh, Arvind, Mustak, Anjali, Rahul, Shehbaz with Harish and Beena .
Photography and videography by:
Prabhu Gupta & Shweta Dubey
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